Posté par : Pr. Franck BONNETAIN, Dr. Guillaume MOUILLET, Dr. Sophie PAGET-BAILLY

Nom de la revue : PlosOne

A randomized multicenter phase II trial was conducted to assess the sequential treatment strategy using FOLFIRI.3 and gemcitabine alternately (Arm 2) compared to gemcitabine alone (Arm 1) in patients with metastatic non pre-treated pancreatic adenocarcinoma. The primary endpoint was the progression-free survival (PFS) rate at 6 months. It concludes that the sequential treatment strategy appears to be feasible and effective with a PFS rate of 43.5% in Arm 2 at 6 months (26.1% in Arm 1). This paper reports the results of the longitudinal analysis of the health-related quality of life (HRQoL) as a secondary endpoint of this study.

HRQoL was evaluated using the EORTC QLQ-C30 at baseline and every two months until the end of the study or death. HRQoL deterioration-free survival (QFS) was defined as the time from randomization to a first significant deterioration as compared to the baseline score with no further significant improvement, or death. A propensity score was estimated comparing characteristics of partial and complete responders. Analyses were repeated with inverse probability weighting method using the propensity score. Multivariate Cox regression analyses were performed to identify independent factors influencing QFS.

98 patients were included between 2007 and 2011. Adjusting on the propensity score, patients of Arm 2 presented a longer QFS of Global Health Status (Hazard Ratio: 0.52 [0.31-0.85]), emotional functioning (0.35 [0.21-0.59]) and pain (0.50 [0.31-0.81]) than those of Arm 1.

Patients of Arm 2 presented a better HRQoL with a longer QFS than those of Arm 1. Moreover, the propensity score method allows to take into account the missing data depending on patients' characteristics.

Eudract N° 2006-005703-34. (Name of the Trial: FIRGEM).

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Amélie Anota ,  Guillaume Mouillet, Isabelle Trouilloud, Anne-Claire Dupont-Gossart, Pascal Artru, Thierry Lecomte, Aziz Zaanan, Mélanie Gauthier, Francine Fein, Olivier Dubreuil, Sophie Paget-Bailly, Julien Taieb, Franck Bonnetain


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