20.10.2018 – HALL A3 – Poster area

12:30 - 94P - HPV circulating tumor DNA as predictive biomarker of sustained response to chemotherapy in advanced anal carcinoma

A. Bernard-Tessier, E. Jeannot, D. Guenat, M. Michel, C. Proudhon, A. VincentSalomon, I. Bièche, J.-Y. Pierga, B. Buecher, E. Francois, S. Kim, T. André, M. Jary, V. Vendrely, E. Samalin, F. El Hajbi, N. Baba-Hamed, A. Meurisse, F.-C. Bidard, C. Borg

12:50 - 1356P - The level of circulating NKp46+ CD56dim CD16+ natural killer cells predicts distinct survival in non-small-cell-lung-cancer

E. Picard, Y. Godet, C. Laheurte, L. Boullerot, E. Lauret Marie Joseph, M. Jacquin, V. Kaulek, G. Eberst, B. Gaugler, P. Jacoulet, M. Gainet-Brun, J. Lahoucarde, H. Almotlak, F. Le Pimpec-Barthes, E. Fabre-Guillevin, C. Borg, V. Westeel, O. Adotevi

12:50 - 1488P - Vemurafenib in patients (pts) harboring BRAF V600 mutation. Results of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cohort from the AcSé trial

J. Mazières, L. Montané, F. Barlesi, X. Quantin, J. Trédaniel, J. Le Treut, V. Avrillon, A. Lavolé, V. Westeel, F. Orsini Piocelle, E. Pichon, L. Thiberville, C. Borel, P. Renault, M. Jaffro, S. Collot, G. Ferretti, F. Legrand, C. Mahier Ait Oukhatar, J. Blay

21.10.2018 – HALL A3 – Poster area

13:05 - 485P - Withholding Anti-EGFR: ImpacT on Outcome of RAS wild-type metastatic Colorectal Tumors (WAIT OR ACT): a multicentric AGEO study

L.-J. Palmieri , L. Mineur, D. Tougeron, B. Rousseau, V. Granger, J.-M. Gornet, D. Smith, A. Lievre, M.P. Galais, S. Racine Doat, S. Pernot, A.L. Bignon Bretagne, J.-P. Metges, N. Baba-Hamed, M. Hassine, S. Obled, C. Vitellius, O. Bouche, D. Vernerey, R. Coriat

13:05 - 765P - Prediction of overall survival with 2nd-line (L2OS) chemotherapy (CT) in patients with advanced biliary tract cancer (aBTC): AGEO CT2BIL cohort update and international multicenter external validations

C. Neuzillet, A. Casadei Gardini, B. Brieau, C. Vivaldi, C. Smolenschi, G. Brandi, D. Tougeron, R. Filippi, A. Vienot, N. Silvestris, A.-L. Pointet, S. Murgioni, B. Rousseau, M. Scartozzi, L. Dahan, T. Boussaha, S. Crusz, A. Meurisse, A. Lievre, D. Vernerey

13:05 - 557P - Metastatic colorectal signet-ring cell carcinoma : clinical, histological and molecular description from an AGEO French multicenter retrospective cohort

M. ALLART-SAVA, F. Le Roy, S. Kim, D. Sefrioui, C. Mariette, A. Zaanan, B. Rousseau, M. Ben Abdelghani, C. De La Fouchardière, W. Cacheux, R. Legros, S. Louafi, D. Tougeron, N. Fares, G. Roquin, A.L. Bignon Bretagne, M. Maillet, B. Tchoundjeu, A. Pozet, V. Hautefeuille

13:05 - 772P - ARCAD-NADEGE cohort: Result of a small bowel adenocarcinomas prospective cohort

T. Aparicio, S. Manfredi, D. Tougeron, J. Henriques, O. Bouche, D. Pezet, G. Piessen, R. Coriat, A. Zaanan, J.L. Legoux, E. Terrebone, M. Pocard, J.-M. Gornet, D. Vernerey, P. Afchain

21.10.2018 – ICM – Room 14b – Poster discussion

17:15 - 462PD - Postoperative carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) association with survival and oxaliplatin benefit in stage II colon cancer (CC): post hoc analysis of the MOSAIC trial

E. Auclin, T. Andre, J. Taieb, M. Banzi, J.-L. van Laethem, J. Tabernero, T. Hickish, A. De Gramont, D. Vernerey

22.10.2018 – HALL A3 – Poster area

12:45 - 212P - Impact of BRCA status on outcomes and survival in high-risk early breast cancers

E. Klajer, S. Paget-Bailly, G. Meynard, A. Meurisse, F. Bazan, L. Chaigneau, E. Dobi, N. Meneveau, P. Montcuquet, C. Villanueva, A. Thiery-Vuillemin, E. Kalbacher, C. Populaire, M.-A. Collonge-Rame, J. Gligorov, E. Curtit, X. Pivot, L. Mansi


A propos de Sophie PAGET-BAILLY

Sophie Paget-Bailly is a research engineer in epidemiology and clinical research. She passed with honours the East of France inter-region master’s degree in public health and occupational and environmental risks. During the master’s degree’s internship in the Interregional Epidemiology Unit of Bourgogne/Franche-Comté, she realized a quantitative health risk assessment in the context of chemical contamination of groundwater. She defended a PhD in Public Health and Epidemiology in Paris XI University, Doctoral School 420, working in the Centre for Research in Epidemiology and Population Health in Villejuif, France. During her PhD, she worked on occupational exposures and head and neck cancer, providing two systematic reviews and meta-analyses and analyzing data from the ICARE case-control study. She was also representative of the PhD students at the ED420 school council.

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