Posted by : Dr. Dewi VERNEREY

Journal name : Exp Hematol Oncol


Expression of SRY [sex-determining region Y]-box11 (SOX11) is specific to mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) and contributes, in conjunction with immunoglobulin variable heavy chain gene mutation status, to the identification of two forms of this disease.


The aim of this report was firstly, to design an easy and suitable RT-qPCR method to quantify SOX11 mRNA expression in mantle cell lymphoma and other B cell malignancies with the proper reference gene; secondly, to define the best threshold of relative quantity of SOX11 mRNA in order to reach the best compromise between sensitivity and specificity.


For best discrimination of MCL and non-MCL groups we determined an area under the curve (AUC) of 0.9750 and a threshold of 1.76 with 100% sensitivity and 88% specificity. AUC and threshold values of respectively 0.91/1.346 [87% sensitivity, 80% specificity] and 0.9525/1.7120 [100% sensitivity, 88% specificity] for GAPDH and RPLP0 respectively denote that the RPLP0 reference gene alone is sufficient for PCR housekeeping gene.


This work describes an RT-qPCR assay for SOX11 expression in order to better characterize MCL at diagnosis. Further studies on larger cohorts are needed to evaluate this molecular tool, especially for the follow-up of minimal residual disease.



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