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ABSTRACTBACKGROUND:Two main therapies, pazopanib and sunitinib, are used in the first-line settingfor metastatic renal...

Posté par : Dr. Guillaume MOUILLET, Mme. Joëlle FRITZSCH, Dr. Sophie PAGET-BAILLY, Mme. Astrid POZET, Mme. Ikram ES-SAAD, Mme. Aurélia MEURISSE, Dr. Dewi VERNEREY, Pr. Franck BONNETAIN, Dr. Amélie ANOTA
Nom de la revue : Health and Quality of Life Outcomes


ABSTRACTDespite the importance of metastatic clear-cell renal cell carcinoma, studies on its economic burden in daily...

Posté par : Dr. Amélie ANOTA, Dr. Guillaume MOUILLET
Nom de la revue : Clinical Genitourinary Cancer


AbstractThe objective of this study was to assess the psychometric properties of the French version of the Supportive...

Posté par : Dr. Amélie ANOTA, Pr. Franck BONNETAIN
Nom de la revue : European Journal of Cancer Care

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