• Dr. Guillaume MOUILLET

    Medical Doctor, Medical Oncology, IRFC-FC, University Hospital of Besançon - Epidemiologist at UMQVC

    University Hospital of Besançon


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The measurement of the quality of life in terms of health of people undergoing treatment for cancer is developing. Th is...

Posted by : Pr. Franck BONNETAIN, Dr. Guillaume MOUILLET, Mme. Joëlle FRITZSCH, Dr. Sophie PAGET-BAILLY, Mme. Ikram ES-SAAD
Journal name : La revue de l'infirmière


BACKGROUND:A randomized multicenter phase II trial was conducted to assess the sequential treatment strategy using...

Posted by : Pr. Franck BONNETAIN, Dr. Sophie PAGET-BAILLY, Dr. Guillaume MOUILLET, Dr. Amélie ANOTA
Journal name : PlosOne


Background: Deficient mismatch repair (dMMR) colon cancer (CC) is reportedly resistant to 5-fluorouracil (5FU) adjuvant...

Posted by : Pr. Franck BONNETAIN, Dr. Dewi VERNEREY, Dr. Guillaume MOUILLET
Journal name : JNCI Journal of the National Cancer Institure

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